Kevin Oser - Guitars / Vocals

Once again allowing my music to ignite the passion in my soul.  Born and raised in Colorado, at the age of 3 my parents had already put a guitar (ukulele) in my hands.  However at the age of 7 piano lessons were given, or endured, and my defiance began. The draw of musicals from hours listening to my mothers LP's, (Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado etc.) led me to choir and plays in grade school and junior high. It was my first semi real guitar, a Tiesco DelRay, as an Xmas gift, along with the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol with friends and neighbors and the sounds of Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix that really lit my fire. Playing parties for schoolmates just didn't seem enough and the lure of the 3.2 bars called to me. Yep, the thrill of the big, thumping PA systems, hot lights and actually getting paid, (not much) but at least getting paid! It was magic! I managed to endure the road work in the 80's with the band Witness, even going all out... you know, the big hair, Aquanet, spandex and Guy-Liner! All the while, loving it and hating it at the same time! I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Many years, and bands later, Passion, Russia, Empire,  Rebound, and, Sybil to name a few, I'm still playing...a little bit older, but wiser, seasoned and still rocking it!!  The show must ALWAYS go on!
Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Kiss, Whitesnake, Tommy Bolin, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, Uriah Heep


Stephen Terry - Bass / Vocals

My musical journey begin in Houston Texas during the 70's jamming with the likes of Eric Johnson, Bugs Henderson, OJ Cole, and other prominent players emerging from the Texas boogie/rock/blues scene. A bass player almost from the start, there was just something about the bottom end that spoke to me.....sitting in the pocket, locking in with the drummer, driving the song....something that keys and guitar could never do. Throughout the later 70's and 80's I played in several well known original bands in the Gulf Coast area (Maleficient, Cryer) playing progressive rock and hard rock at most of the better known venues such as the Cactus Club, Pyramid Club, Riverside Inn, George Anthonys, Dome Shadows, Elks Lodge and many others that currently escape my memory. Work gave me the opportunity to relocate to Denver in the late 80's which was exciting because it opened up a new chapter in my life and also allowed me to reunite with singer Bill Smith who had been my songwriting partner for many years in Houston. Unfortunately, he was transferred back to Houston a few years after I had moved to Denver which prevented any musical collaborations from taking place. Jump ahead about 15 years that were spent raising a family and I decided it was time to reignite my passion for playing live music and return to the scene. After successfully playing the bar scene in various cover bands, I drifted back into the all original scene for a while but limited venues and lack of good paying jobs made me rethink where I wanted to be. I decided that the next best thing to writing and performing hard driving rockin originals was to play hard driving rockin cover tunes from the 70's, 80's and beyond. I may have lost most of my hair but I haven't lost my talent or desire to rock!

Kevin Gilbert/Toy Matinee, Black Sabbath, Queen, Rush, Led Zepplin, Beatles, Jellyfish, The Who, Trapeze, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Wishbone Ash, Yes



Michael Taggart - Keys / Vocals

I have been playing music professionally for 35 years and have played many styles of music but enjoy Rock the most. I have performed lots of the songs of those who influenced me; from Elton John,The Beatles and Billy Joel to Jackson Browne, John Lord and Paul Rodgers. My hobbies include memorizing worthless trivia and collecting prehistoric bottle openers.


Larry Barker - Drums/Vocals









 Honoring those bandmates whose contributions to the formation and growth of Liquor Biscuit cannot be understated. 


Jeff Schable 2018-2019 - Drums / Vocals

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